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Sub-Directorate 3 of the Ditresnarkoba Polda Metro Dismantles PCC’s Narcotics Industry Home in Citeureup, JAKARTA – Sub-Directorate 3 of the Ditresnarkoba of Polda Metro Jaya uncovered the practice of home industry of narcotics such as Paracetamol, Caffeine and Carisprodol (PPC) tablets containing carisoprodol in Legok Rati Village, Tajur Village, RT 002 RW 003, Tajur Village, Citeureup, Bogor. A total of 2.500.000 tablets were confiscated as evidence.

Dirresnarkoba of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Hengki in his official statement said, that the 2.5 million drug tablets confiscated consisted of several types. PCC type narcotics amounted to 1.215.000 tablets, then 1.024.000 yellow Hxymer tablets and 210.000 white tablets.

“We also arrested a man with the initials MH (43). He is an employee whose job is as an APV car driver, taking raw materials and sending PCC tablets and medicines without distribution permits from BPOM RI,” explained Kombes Pol Hengki, Tuesday, (21/5 ).

The suspect MH, continued Kombes Pol Hengki, was arrested in the parking lot of a shophouse in the area of Jalan Raya Bekasi 39 Cakung Barat, Cakung, Jakarta Timur. The suspect MH also made all the deliveries to potential risers after being ordered by a suspect who is now a DPO with the initials S.

Investigators charged MH, who has now been detained, under Article 114 paragraph (2) subsidiary Article 112 paragraph (2) Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics and Article 435 in conjunction with Article 138 paragraph (2) Law Number 17 of 2023 concerning Health. The threat of punishment is terrifying, namely life imprisonment or 20 years in prison.

Meanwhile, the disclosure of this case itself occurred when the Sub-Directorate 3 Opsnal Team, led directly by the Head of  Sub-Directorate 3, Ditresnarkoba of Polda Metro Jaya, AKBP Malvino Yusticia, moved on Wednesday, (15/5) evening at around 23.30 WIB.

According to AKBP Malvino, this case was uncovered after his party received information regarding the shipment of PCC type drugs.

The drugs were reportedly being delivered to a shophouse on Jalan Raya Bekasi Cakung Barat, Cakung, Jakarta Timur.

The Subdit 3 Opsnal Team then carried out reconnaissance by following the white APV car driven by MH.

“Then the team stopped the car and it was discovered that the perpetrator wanted to send the drugs via an expedition service,” said AKBP Malvino.

According to the perpetrator MH, the PCC type drug was produced at home in the Citereup area, Bogor, West Java.

“The Subdit 3 Opsnal Team immediately moved to the address given and conducted a search at the house which was proven to be a home industry for the production of narcotics, suspected to be this type of PCC,” he explained again.

During the search, a number of pieces of evidence of drug manufacturing equipment such as one unit of scales, one unit of press equipment, four units of mixing machines, eight brown drums containing white powder suspected of containing carisoprodol were also seized as evidence.

“If the drum barrel is opened, the smell will immediately spread. And it is possible that we will also be exposed to this type of drug,” said AKBP Malvino. (Bembo)

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