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BerandaNasionalSuccessive Accidents at Km 58 Japek Toll Road, Korlantas Polri Stops Contraflow...

Successive Accidents at Km 58 Japek Toll Road, Korlantas Polri Stops Contraflow Scheme to Java, KARAWANG – Kakorlantas Polri, Irjen Pol Aan accompanied by Head of Operations for Korlantas Polri, Kombes Pol Eddy Djunaedi went directly to the location of a series of accidents on the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road (Japek Toll) Km 58 on Monday, (8/4), at 07.04 WIB.

In his official statement, Kakorlantas Polri, Irjen Pol Aan Suhanan said, due to this incident Korlantas Polri stopped implementing the Eid homecoming contraflow scheme towards Java. Meanwhile, based on the results of the evacuation, one victim was seriously injured by the bus driver and one victim suffered minor injuries. 13 body bags with burnt wounds have also been taken directly to Karawang Regional Hospital.

“We are also concerned about the recent accident which resulted in the victim’s death and two vehicles catching fire involving three vehicles at Km 58+600,” said Irjen Pol Aan Suhanan.

He explained, that this incident started when a car from the direction of Jakarta went through the contraflow lane on the Cikampek Km 58 toll road. However, the car swerved and hit a bus heading to Bandung-Jakarta. Then, another car came and tried to avoid it, but hit the car that had previously hit the bus.

“In the meantime, we have stopped the contraflow for the Eid homecoming until we wait for the next evaluation process,” said Irjen Pol Aan.

“To smooth the flow from Jakarta and then from Bandung, we are also directing group A to South Cikampek to reduce the fatality burden in Cikampek,” he added.

Furthermore, Irjen Pol Aan also appealed to travelers to always ensure their bodies are in top condition. If you are tired, you are welcome to rest.

“If you’re tired, please stop, don’t force it. Please travelers to pay attention to their health. Stop when they’re tired. This car has a normal situation of resting for 4 hours,” he said. (Bembo)

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