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BerandaHukum & KriminalSuspect Pierre Received TNI Service Plates from Her Sister, Retired Brigjen Kowad

Suspect Pierre Received TNI Service Plates from Her Sister, Retired Brigjen Kowad, JAKARTA – Pierre WG Abraham, a Fortuner driver who claims to be the general’s younger brother, received an official TNI car plate from his older sister who is a retired TNI officer. But the plate has expired and is now registered in someone else’s name.

This is the official explanation conveyed by Kanit 2 of the Subdit Resmob Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya, Kompol Anggi Fauzi Hasibuan to journalists, Saturday, (20/4) yesterday.

According to him, according to the facts, the TNI service plate number 84337-00 was worn by his older sister Pierre while he was still actively serving in the force. After retirement, the number plate was given to Pierre and attached to his black Fortuner car.

“So that’s the chronology. And the plate has expired six years ago and has been bleached at TNI Headquarters. Now the owner Asep Adang Supriyadi, Professor at Defense University,” explained Kompol Anggi.

He also said, that his older sister Pierre used the TNI service plate until 2018. One year later, TNI Headquarters carried out a whitening process for the plate.

“It was whitewashed and registered in the name of another person, namely Asep Adang Supriyadi, Professor of the Defense University. And the suspect, Pierre, during the examination admitted that his sister had borrowed the plate to avoid the odd-even (GaGe) rule. He also said that he only used the plate on certain occasions, not every time day,” explained Kompol Anggi.

“And the suspect also said that he would use the plates on even dates. And he also had to get permission from his older sister first,” he added.

For your information, based on the results of a search carried out by, the older sister of the suspect, Pierre, who provided the TNI official car plate is Brigjen TNI (Ret.) Theresia S. Abraham.

Brigjen TNI (Ret.) Theresia S. Abraham was born in Manado, North Sulawesi, 12 May 1957. She was also the fifth officer from the Women’s Army Corps (Kowad) to be promoted to the rank of Brigjen TNI. Her last position was as Special Staff to Kasad of the Legal Corps (Chk).

Pierre is none other than The culinary entrepreneur who owns the Tonaas Grilled Fish Restaurant has now become a suspect in this case and has been detained. He was charged under Article 263 of the Criminal Code concerning Counterfeiting which carries a maximum threat of 6 years in prison. (Bembo)

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