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Synchronizing the Excitement of 2 Momentums, IKDB 1990 Holds Baksos and Bakes in 2 Jasinga Villages

progresifjaya.id, BOGOR – The Dhira Brata Family Association (IKDB 1990) created a breakthrough action that was in line with the atmosphere of grandeur and festivity of Bhayangkara’s 78th Anniversary. The sacred momentum of 78 years of Bhayangkara is combined with the faithful promise of service of the 1990 Dhira Brata Akpol Battalion, which turns 34 years old this year.

Combining the excitement and splendor of these two moments, IKDB 1990 also aligned it with social service (baksos) and health service (bakes) activities in two locations. The two locations are Cikopomayak Village and Neglasari Village, Jasinga, Bogor, West Java. A total of 1.500 basic food packages were given to residents in these two villages who also received free health services.

Apart from free basic food and health services, IKDB 1990 also disbursed financial assistance to renovate the mosque at the location. Also provided are educational scholarships for elementary, middle and high school levels. Not just that. Tree seedlings were also planted to preserve and balance nature on land owned by the Polri in Jasinga, Bogor, West Java.

Chairman of the Dhira Brata Family Association (IKDB 90), Irjen Pol Eddy Hartono in his official statement said, that this social activity was carried out as a form of concern for the Polri and also IKDB 90 to provide relief to residents who really need it.

“We regularly carry out these social activities. On the anniversary of IKDB 90, we are doing this at the same time as commemorating the 78th anniversary of Bhayangkara Day in Jasinga, Bogor Regency. We hope that residents who receive it will feel the benefits,” said Irjen Pol Eddy Hartono, Thursday, (27/6).

“This activity was also carried out by IKDB 90 friends in several regions simultaneously. And we are happy to see that residents are very enthusiastic and grateful to be able to help alleviate this,” he added.

Principal Secretary of Lemhannas RI, Komjen Pol R.Z. Panca Putra Simanjuntak who also graduated from the Police Academy in 1990 also added, that the social activities carried out by the Polri and IKDB 90 were a positive form that had a broad impact on society.

“This social activity is very beneficial for the community and is always carried out regularly. We hope that the community will feel the benefits,” said the former Kapolda Sumut.

Also present at this social activity were Assistant Kapolri for Human Resources, Irjen Pol Dedi Prasetyo, Widyaiswara Main Police Level I Sespim Lemdiklat Polri, Irjen Pol Mulia Hasudungan Ritonga and Kakorpolairud Baharkam Polri, Irjen Pol Mohammad Yassin Kosasih.

The Jasinga community itself acknowledged that the IKDB 90 social service activities which coincided with the 78th Bhayangkara Day this year were very useful and also very memorable. A resident of Jasinga named Asep, for example said, that he deliberately came to the activity location to check his health. He admitted that he often felt tingling in his legs.

“As long as it’s free, I’ll check everything straight away. Right, like tingling. So everything was controlled. Alhamdulillah, i was fine, i was given free medicine by the officers. Get groceries too. This is really a very useful and memorable activity for me and other residents. That’s why there are so many people coming,” he said.

A similar confession was also expressed by a resident of Jasingan named Sapiah. “Check my health, Alhamdulillah my healthy nothing is missing. The basic necessities are also very helpful for the family at home. If i say, this kind of activity is good to continue. We really feel the benefits for us, yes. Lighten our burden,” he explained with a happy expression. (Bembo)

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