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Thailand’s Number 1 Fugitive Arrested by Polri International Network Drug Boss

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – The Bareskrim Polri stated that Thailand’s number 1 fugitive, Chaowalit Thongduang aka Paeng, is the drug boss of the Myanmar-Thailand-Australia international network. It is strongly suspected that Chaowalit was helped by his accomplices to live in Indonesia during his escape.

The Kabareskrim Polri, Komjen Pol Wahyu Widada in his official statement at a press conference, Sunday, (2/6) explained, that while in Indonesia Chaowalit Thongduang used the name Sulaiman. He explained that this name was used because the person concerned made an KTP in the Aceh region.

“We must look for a name that suits the conditions of the region, right? Even though in Indonesia it can be applied anywhere, if you use an original KTP and use the normal name used by the people of Aceh, that means it is part of his efforts to disguise himself,” explained Komjen Pol Wahyu Widada.

He said again, that in the process of making fake KTP, Chaowalit was assisted by an Indonesian woman with the initials FS who has now also been detained by the police.

“The person who helped the fugitive create a fake identity in the form of an KTP, family card and birth certificate as a resident of East Aceh Regency, Aceh Province was a woman with the initials FS. In carrying out this action, FS was assisted by a person with the initials U,” he said again.

“His name is also a mafia, he must have accomplices. Well, he can move, including preparing to escape, it’s not easy. If there is no one to help him, it will definitely be impossible for him to escape, get out of prison. Everyone has prepared all the equipment to be able to do it. Fled to Indonesia using a 200PK speedboat and stopped in Aceh on December 8 2023,” he added.

He said, that Chaowalit’s accomplices were likely the ones who sent some money for living expenses during Chaowalit’s escape in Indonesia. The money was sent to an account in the name of Sulaiman, which was Chaowalit’s pseudonym while hiding in Indonesia.

Chaowit used the money sent from Thailand for daily life, including moving, renting an apartment and traveling expenses.

Chaowalit was arrested in an apartment in Badung District, Bali on Thursday, (30/5). The arrest was led by the Head of the International Crimes Section (Kabag Jianter) Divhubinter Polri, Kombes Pol Audie S Latuheru.

This arrest was made after the International Relations Division (Hubinter) of the Polri Headquarters received a request from the Thai authorities to help carry out a search for Chaowalit. The application was made after the prisoner in the shooting case was tracked to have fled to Indonesia.

Komjen Pol Wahyu also explained, that Chaowalit’s efforts to enter Indonesia by sea were assisted by an Indonesian citizen with the initials ES who is the owner of a ship rental service to enter Indonesia. Chaowalit took 17 hours with a speedboat speed of 17 knots from the La-ngu waters of Thailand to arrive in the waters of Aceh, Indonesia.

Apart from ES, the police also arrested 7 other Indonesian citizens who were related to the escape and identity fraud and how Chaowalit survived in Indonesia.

The 7 Indonesian citizens are T as an online motorcycle taxi driver, W as an HP counter employee, A as an online taxi driver, SA’s date, EA’s friend from SA, TA as a money transfer service agent, and FS who helped with the process of making Chaowalit’s fake KTP under the pseudonym Sulaiman. Currently, the Polri is still carrying out in-depth investigations, including taking statements from witnesses. (Bembo)

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