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The Existence of 3P Polda Metro Last Night, Caught 2 Sabu Users and Helped Traffic Accident Victims

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – The story of the existence of the Precision Pioneer Patrol (3P) Team  of Polda Metro Jaya on Sunday, (30/6) early this morning was in measurable targets in the areas of Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Selatan and Jakarta Barat. Good results can be reaped when the patrol team is doing monitoring laps on Jalan Daan Mogot, Jakarta Barat. 2 young people who abuse crystal methamphetamine (sabu) were picked up from this street.

The complete story of this existence began when 3P Polda Metro take off from the command hangar at Ditsamapta Polda Metro Jaya at around 00.30 WIB. The patrol team consisting of 26 personnel led by Ipda Donni Prasetio then headed calmly towards the starting grid on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta Pusat.

Upon arrival, the traditional show of force patrol event was set in the direction of Jakarta – Kota. And while he was speeding along Jalan Majapahit at around 01.00 WIB, a young man with suspicious movements suddenly appeared. Then the young man was quickly approached and examined.

Apparently he was a gambler. After playing land-based gambling and feeling lethargic because of losing. No hazardous materials or objects were found. Only have a few small rupiah notes left to survive tomorrow.

This young man was then advised not to gamble again if he wanted to be successful and rich. You have to work hard because life is a certainty, not a round of high-fives in the lottery. After this blood-stricken young man nodded his head and promised not to gamble anymore, he was immediately told to go home, he was with the patrol team. The situation is still being monitored okay 86, Ndan.

Entering 01.50 WIB, the patrol team was again seen in the form of 2 suspicious young men while vaping on Jalan Daan Mogot 2, Jakarta Barat. Both were immediately approached for examination. Eh-eh-eh, apparently this one looks different. A small clip of crystal methamphetamine or sabu was found in a cigarette pack in the pocket of one of the youths.

Can’t escape anymore, both of them because of this evidence. The two young men who were picked up because of drugs were Taufan Pamungkas (28), a resident of Jalan Petamburan 2 and Hadi (35), a resident of Gang H Sholeh Pedo, Jalan Tanjung Duren Selatan. Both of them were immediately taken and handed over to the Polsek Grogol Petamburan for further processing. Also handed over as evidence were 1 crystal methamphetamine or sabu clip, 2 cellphones, 1 power bank and a black Honda Beat B 4492 BCP motorbike.

After taking care of 2 young drug users, 3P Polda Metro Jaya continued their patrol laps towards Pesing. At around 02.25 WIB, a group of monitored teenagers were hanging out on Jalan Pengairan. Because they were suspicious, this herd was then approached and examined. No problem, apparently. Just hanging out late at night. But because it was past midnight, the gathering was immediately disbanded and they were all told to go home. Ready to execute. The situation remains monitored safely, Ndan.

At around 02.35 WIB, while lapping on Jalan Panjang Raya, the patrol team encountered a 3-4L situation aka a traffic accident victim injured as a result of a hit and run. First aid was handled quickly. The victim was immediately taken to hospital for further medical treatment. Meanwhile, evidence of spare tires from this incident was handed over to Jakarta Barat Samsat for safekeeping.

At around 03:25 WIB, the patrol team again found a group of teenagers hanging out suspiciously on Jalan Ceger Raya, Jakarta Barat. Worried that they were teenagers from the ‘son of the devil’ clan who liked brawling or fighting, the patrol team immediately approached and checked.

Alhamdulillah, it turns out they are a clan of good kids. No dangerous objects or materials were obtained. Good advice was given to all of them not to hang out on the streets until after midnight. After that the hangout was disbanded and everyone was sent home. That’s it.

At 05.30 WIB, the monitored patrol team had landed again at the Ditsamapta Polda Metro Jaya command hangar. As usual, the consolidation meeting is the closing story of the activities in this chapter. See you again in the next chapter, okay? Adios. (Bembo)

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