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The Polres Metro Jakpus Traffic Unit Reprimanded Bocil for Riding 4 Electric Bicycles on the Main Road, JAKARTA – Four little boys (bocil) were reprimanded by members of the Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat Traffic Unit (Satlantas) for riding four-bond electric bicycles on Jalan Gunung Sahari Raya, Jakarta Pusat.

This incident was uploaded to the social media account X @TMCPoldaMetro. Seen in the video are four children riding together in a seating configuration; three in the seat (including the driver), and one sitting on the deck. They calmly roamed around on electric bicycles on the highway. None of the four of them were wearing helmets.

“Hey, stop. Hey, stop. Off. Everyone get in the car,” shouted the officer from inside the patrol car, trying to stop the electric motorbike.

For your information, the rules for using electric bicycles are contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation (Permenhub) of the Republic of Indonesia Number 45 of 2020 concerning Certain Vehicles Using Electric Motor Drives.

Electric bicycles may only be used on special routes with a maximum speed of 25 km/hour. The use of electric bicycles is also not provided for children under 17 years of age.

Article 4 also explains that electric bicycle riders aged 12-15 years need supervision and assistance from their parents. (Bembo)

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