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The Quick Response Action of the 3P Team of the Polres Metro Jakbar Arrests 5 Teenagers Suspected of Perpetrating a Brawl, JAKARTA – The Polres Metro Jakarta Barat Precision Pioneer Patrol Team (3P) demonstrated quick response to secure five teenagers who were suspected of wanting to carry out a brawl. Also confiscated were sharp weapons such as sickles and sharpened bamboo which the perpetrators had brought for the brawl.

Kasat Samapta of Polres Metro Jakarta Barat, AKBP M. Hari Agung Julianto in his official statement said, that this quick response action was carried out after his party received a report from the public about a group of teenagers brawling on Jalan Kedaung Kali Angke.

“From there, the 3P Team immediately moved quickly to respond to the report and went to the location of the incident. And it turned out that there was indeed a brawl at the location,” said AKBP Hari Agung when confirmed, Thursday, (25/4).

As soon as they arrived at the location, he continued, the 3P Team immediately chased and arrested the perpetrators. There were 5 who were caught. And when they were searched, they were found carrying sickles and sharpened bamboo.

The five perpetrators of the brawl and their evidence were then handed over by the Polres Metro Jakarta Barat 3P Team to the Polsek Cengkareng for further investigation.

Separately, the Kapolsek Cengkareng, Kompol Hasoloan Situmorang, confirmed this when confirmed.

“Yes, that’s right, there were 5 teenagers along with a sharp sickle weapon and i piece of bamboo that were handed over,” he said

He also said, that the five perpetrators would be processed further if proven guilty. Their parents and teachers, if they are still students, will also be summoned for the coaching process. (Bembo)

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