Saturday, May 25, 2024
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To Secure the Follow-Up Trial of the 2024 Presidential Election Lawsuit, the Polri Deploys 1,640 Joint Personnel, JAKARTA – The Polri deployed 1,640 joint personnel to secure the continued trial of the 2024 Presidential Election lawsuit at the Constitutional Court (MK) Building, Friday, (5/4). And as usual, a special location has also been prepared for the community to voice their aspirations.

Kapolres Metro Jakarta Pusat, Kombes Pol Susatyo Purnomo Condro in his official statement said, that joint security personnel would later be alerted both on the outside of the MK and on the inside.

“We have deployed joint security personnel on all sides of the MK Building. We have to carry out strict anticipation from the start to prevent unwanted things from happening,” explained Kapolres Susatyo.

Furthermore, the Kapolres Susatyo also appealed to residents who will convey their aspirations today to be orderly and pay attention to the rights of other people.

“We convey a firm appeal. Anyone who will express an opinion in public must be orderly, maintain peace and obey the rules as stipulated in the law. Expressing opinions is the right of every citizen,” stressed the Kapolres Susatyo.

“And all personnel involved in security are also advised to always act persuasively, not be provoked, prioritize negotiations, and provide humane services,” he continued. (Bembo)

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