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Together with the TNI and Security Officers, the Polresta Soetta Airport Religious Service and Social Service at the At Taqwa Mosque, TANGERANG – Polresta Soekarno-Hatta (Soetta) Airport is collaborating TNI and security officers in a religious service and social service event to welcome Bhayangkara’s 78th anniversary in 2024. This event was held
at the At Taqwa Garuda City Center Mosque, Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Sunday, (23/6) morning.

Apart from cleaning the rooms and surroundings of the mosque, this event also provided social assistance in the form of 100 basic food packages.
for the At Taqwa Mosque congregation, mosque administrators, workers at Soetta Airport and other communities. Lunch with the congregation closed this activity.

Kapolresta Soetta Airport, Kombes Pol Roberto Pasaribu in his official statement said, that this social action was not only carried out by Polresta Soetta Airport. But it is also being carried out simultaneously by all Polres Metro and Polres ranks of Polda Metro Jaya to welcome the 78th anniversary of Bhayangkara Day which falls on Monday, July 1.

According to him, this religious service and social service is a manifestation of the presence of Polri members among religious communities. This activity also aims to maintain the ties of friendship which have been running harmoniously.

Apart from that, continued Kapolresta Roberto, this religious service and social service also aims to create a sense of security and comfort for the congregation carrying out their worship because the room and environment of the mosque are clean.

To make this event a success, he continued, the Polresta Soetta Airport deployed 66 personnel assisted by 5 personnel from Batu Ceper Koramil and Wijayakrama Korem.

“Then, Mr. Kapolda Metro also ordered 10 personnel from the Rena Bureau, 15 personnel from the Polda Metro Jaya Ops Bureau to join in the activity. In addition, 6 Garuda security personnel and 5 mosque officers,” explained Kapolresta Roberto.

Finally, Kapolresta  Roberto also expressed his hope that the benefits of this activity could be felt directly by the congregation at the At Taqwa Mosque at Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Apart from that, he also asked for prayers and support from the public so that the Polri will become more professional and precise as he turns 78 years old on July 1 2024.

One of the congregation at the At Taqwa Mosque, Ustadz Ahmad Fathir (56), when asked for his opinion, admitted that he really appreciated and supported the religious service held by the Polresta Soetta Airport.

“Thank you to the Kapolri the Kapolda Metro Jaya, Irjen Pol Karyoto for their attention and assistance to us,” said Ustadz Ahmad gratefully. (Bembo)

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