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Traces of Patko Turjawali Polda Metro Last Night, All Monitored 86

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – City patrol or Patko is an activity that is routinely carried out every day by the Samapta work unit (Satker). This activity pattern is known as PWT or parking, working and talking.

A pattern that emphasizes stopping or parking in a certain place, then communicating or dialogue with people who are carrying out activities, and being ready to take preventive measures against crimes that could occur.

At Polda Metro Jaya, this routine activity is carried out every day by personnel from the Turjawali Section of the Gasum Sub-Directorate Ditsamapta. There are special Patko personnel who are prepared for this task. This includes the special task of staying up all night to dialogue with the community and maintain kamtibmas in the community and the environment.

On Thursday, (26/6) early last night, the Patko routine was carried out by personnel from Unit 3 and Unit 4 of the Turjawali Section. There were 2 patrol cars released from the hangar of the Ditsamapta Polda Metro Jaya to hang around on the streets starting at 01.00 WIB.

The first car was manned by Unit 2 Security and Rescue Section (Pammat) Officer Iptu Dikdo together with Bripda Sulthan and Bripda Andrey. Then the second car was occupied by Bripda Riky, Bripda Syaiful and Bripda Naufal. The two patrol cars then spread out after command to the planned measured patrol points.

These points are the Sudirman – Thamrin protocol road, the Kota Kasablanka (Kokas) flyover, the Antasari flyover, Asia Afrika Street as well as the leadership’s residence area, starting from the home area of the Kapolri, Wakapolri and Kapolda Metro Jaya.

The first car crew manned by Bripda Riky, Bripda Syaiful, Bripda Naufal was tasked with waiting to fill the floating strong point in the SCBD area. From midnight until dawn, the security situation in this area was reported to be under control.

Meanwhile, the second Patko car occupied by Iptu Dikdo, Bripda Sulthan and Bripda Andrey had a longer floating strong point starting from Jalan Sudirman – Thamrin, Kokas Flyover, Antasari Flyover, Asia – Africa Flyover and the leader’s residence.

This monitoring car patrol goes to the first point around the residence of Metro 1 or the Kapolda Metro Jaya. Observed to be safe and peaceful, the patrol then moved to the strong point on the Kokas flyover to anticipate speeding or illegal racing. It’s apparently nothing in this area, Komandan. Let’s go moving again towards Fairmont Hotel in Jalan Asia Africa. Fun.

From there, Patko Iptu Dikdo’s team then entered the residence area of Tribrata 1 or the Kapolri. This area also feels safe, peaceful and cool. Next, this team moved around the Antasari flyover to prevent bad teenagers from doing speeding or illegal racing. It turns out it’s quiet and you can’t see the noses of badung teenagers at this location. The situation remains reported 86. Mantul.

Approaching the end of their patrol assignment, this team carried out monitoring in the area around the Wakapolri house. Then enter the area around the Widya Chandra Complex area before returning home to the hangar of the Ditsamapta Polda Metro Jaya. Done. (Bembo)

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