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Two Snatchers whose Faces were Caught on Camera when CFD was Arrested by the Resmob Polda Metro, JAKARTA – The Resmob Ops Team of Polda Metro Jaya succeeded in apprehending two snatchers on motorbikes whose faces were caught on camera and went viral on social media when they stole a child’s cellphone during Car Free Day (CFD) on Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta Pusat.

The perpetrator with the initials U, who was in charge of driving the motorbike, was arrested less than 24 hours after the mugging case went viral. Meanwhile, his colleague who was carried by a piggyback driver and whose face was caught on camera wearing a mask with the initials MR was arrested on Monday, (1/7) yesterday in Jampang Kulon, Sukabumi, West Java.

Kabid Humas of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Ade Ary Syam Indradi in his official statement said, based on information from the results of the examination, the two perpetrators had acted three times. The first action was in Kwitang, then Tanah Abang, and finally in Sudirman during the CFD.

“Both of them have now been detained at Polda Metro Jaya. Evidence of the victim’s cellphone has also been secured by the police,” said Kombes Pol Ade Ary.

From his statement, the perpetrator had acted 3 times in the Jakarta area, including in Kwitang, Tanah Abang and Sudirman Jakarta Pusat.

Currently both of them have been detained at Polda Metro Jaya. The police have also confiscated the victim’s cellphone as evidence.

To be held accountable for their actions, continued Kombes Pol Ade Ary, the two suspects were charged under Article 363 of the Criminal Code, namely Theft with Aggravation. The maximum criminal threat that can be received is 9 years in prison.

“For this reason, we from Polda Metro Jaya urge the public to be more careful in protecting valuables when carrying them for activities outside. This case can be used as a lesson to be more careful,” said Kombes Pol Ade Ary again. (Bembo)

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