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Unsanctioned Revenge Approaching Victim’s Grandson Becomes Motive for Perpetrator to Kill Mushalla Imam, JAKARTA – The motive for MGS alias Galang (25) was stabbing
Ustad Saidi (71), imam of Uswatun Hasanah Mushalla, Pesing Garden, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat died because of personal revenge. Holding grudges and feeling hurt because he was not given permission to approach the victim’s grandson with the initials A. Even though the perpetrator and the victim’s grandson had been in a relationship two years ago.

This was conveyed by Kapolres Metro Jakarta Barat, Kombes Pol M. Syahduddi during a press conference at Polres Metro Jakarta Barat Headquarters, Friday, (24/5).

“After we carried out a series of in-depth investigations into the perpetrator, based on the perpetrator’s confession, he held a grudge against the MS victim because he was not allowed to approach his grandson,” explained Kapolres M Syahduddi.

It was said, that the perpetrator liked the victim’s grandson, A, who worked in a gold shop at Kedoya Market. Meanwhile, the perpetrator 2 years ago worked as security at Kedoya Market.

“The perpetrator had a crush on the victim’s grandson with the initials A. The perpetrator came to visit A’s house, which is also the victim’s house. However, during the visiting activity, the perpetrator received a reception or treatment that wasn’t good according to the perpetrator and it seemed like he was looking down on the perpetrator. So the motive in this case was purely because the perpetrator’s personal grudge against the victim,” explained Kapolres M. Syahduddi, emphasizing again. (Bembo)

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