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Video of Cheating Changes at a Fried Chicken Stall Goes Viral, Perpetrator Arrested 2 x 24 Hours, JAKARTA – The video of fraudsters using the method of exchanging small change to employees of the Cahaya Fried Chicken Shop in the Palmerah area, Jakarta Barat on Friday, (31/5) attracted the attention of many people because it went viral on social media.

In the video circulating, 2 perpetrators can be seen riding motorbikes. One of the perpetrators then came down and handed a black plastic bag containing small change to the fried chicken shop employee.

At that time, the perpetrator forced him to exchange the change for banknotes worth Rp2.5 million. However, when checked, the plastic bag only contained Rp400.000.

This incident was caught on CCTV cameras and immediately went viral when it was uploaded to social media.

The police immediately responded quickly to the viral video. The two perpetrators in the video were immediately sought and hunted down. As a result, within 2 x 24 hours both of them were arrested and immediately taken to the Polsek Palmerah for further information.

Polres Metro Jakarta Barat Criminal Investigation Unit Head, AKBP Andri Kurniawan confirmed the arrest.

Yes, the perpetrator was arrested on Sunday, (2/6). The perpetrators with the initials PH and AA alias Okem, said AKBP Andri, Monday, (3/6).

“Both of them are being questioned by investigators. More details will be revealed in the near future,” he added. (Bembo)

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