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Wakapolda Metro Invites Interfaith Figures to Create a Cool Democratic Atmosphere Ahead of the 2024 Regional Elections, JAKARTA – Polda Metro Jaya held a gathering event for interfaith leaders at the Religious Security and Order Partnership Forum at the Grand Kemang Hotel, Jakarta Selatan, Wednesday, (12/6).

The activity was attended by the Wakapolda Metro Jaya, Brigjen Pol Suyudi Ario Seto representing the Kapolda Metro Jaya, Kasdam Jaya, Head of the Ministry of Religion, DKI Jakarta Regional Office, Head of the Agency and Chair of the DKI Jakarta MUI, Chair of PWNU, DKI Jakarta, Chair, Muhamadiyah DKI Jakarta, Chair of the DKI Indonesian Mosque Council Jakarta, the police chiefs at Polda Metro Jaya and religious leaders.

In his speech, Wakapolda Suyudi said about the importance of the role of religious figures in assisting the police in maintaining security and social order.

“Through this forum, we can truly feel the presence of interfaith figures to exchange information, convey aspirations, and formulate joint solutions to overcome social problems in society in order to have a positive impact on creating a conducive social security and security situation,” explained Wakapolda Suyudi.

Furthermore, Wakapolda Suyudi also said, that one of the roles of religious figures is to maintain harmony, tolerance and unity amidst religious diversity in Indonesia.

“Of course we really hope for an active role and support from religious leaders in various preventive, educational and mediative efforts to create a safe and peaceful environment,” he said again.

In his welcoming speech, Wakapolda Suyudi also invited interfaith leaders to work together to create a cool democratic atmosphere while maintaining national unity and integrity.

“In the near future we will face the moment of simultaneous regional elections in 2024. I hope that we can work together and coordinate well so that we can control the 2024 regional election activities successfully and smoothly,” said Wakapolda Suyudi when closing his remarks. (Bembo)

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