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BerandaHukum & KriminalWelcoming Bhayangkara's 78th Anniversary, Polsek Metro Tamansari Returns Blackened Honda Brio Car

Welcoming Bhayangkara’s 78th Anniversary, Polsek Metro Tamansari Returns Blackened Honda Brio Car, JAKARTA – Polsek Metro Tamansari welcomed Bhayangkara’s 78th anniversary in an interesting way.

A red Honda Brio car with plate B 1897 ERS was handed over by the Kapolsek Metro Tamansari, Kompol Adhi Wananda, to its legal owner, Iwan Sukmawan at the Polsek Metro Headquarters, Wednesday, (26/6).

The handover of this car is a form of the Polri’s success in resolving the vehicle embezzlement case through a justice restoration mechanism. This handover also shows the Polri’s commitment to providing the best service to the community and resolving cases with a more humane approach.

“With activities like this, we hope to strengthen the public’s trust in the Polri. We also show that the Polri are always present and ready to help the community in various situations,” said Kapolsek Adhi.

He also said, that this case started with a report from Iwan Sukmawan who reported a case of embezzlement of his four-wheeled vehicle to the Polsek Metro Tamansari.

Furthermore, based on this report, the Polsek Metro Tamansari  Criminal Investigation Unit then carried out an investigation and investigation.

After undergoing a series of intensive inquiries and investigations, the Polsek Metro Tamansari Criminal Investigation Unit was finally able to find and secure the vehicle.

After the vehicle was secured, this case was resolved using a restorative justice approach. Problem resolution is carried out outside of court by bringing together the reporter and the reported person to reach a peaceful agreement.

“We are trying not only to uphold the law, but also to find the best solution for all parties involved through restoration of justice. This is an effort to create balanced justice and restore good relations between citizens,” said Kapolsek Adhi again.

Meanwhile, Iwan Sukmawan, as the car owner, expressed his deepest gratitude to the Polsek Metro Tamansari  for the efforts he had made to return his vehicle.

“I am very grateful to the Polsek Metro Tamansari, especially to the Kapolsek and all the officers involved. Hopefully the Polri will be increasingly successful and continue to be protectors and protectors of the community,” said Iwan with gratitude. (Bembo)

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