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With His Bare Hands, the Kasi Humas of the Polsek Tambora Can Paralyze a Motorbike Thief Armed with a Samurai, JAKARTA – Spartan and heroic actions were shown by the Kasi Humas of the Polsek Tambora, Ipda Suparno. Apart from his daily duties as a supervisor and regulator of the flow of information and news at the Polsek Tambora, it was unexpected that he was also actively involved in uncovering cases of motor vehicle theft (curanmor) in the jurisdiction of the Polsek Tambora.

In his explanation to the media, the man born in Wonogiri, who was about to retire from duty in four months, said that at that time he received information from the Unit Reskrim of the Polsek Tambora regarding several physical characteristics of the perpetrators of crime who often acted in the Tambora area.

So, while he was patrolling his neighborhood, he suddenly became suspicious of the movements of someone he didn’t know.

“The person seemed to be moving suspiciously, as if he was stalking a motorbike to steal,” he said, Saturday, (27/4).

When he tried to take the initiative to make an arrest, suddenly the suspected person took out a samurai weapon and challenged Ipda Suparno to a duel.

However, thanks to his courage and agility, Ipda Suparno who only had his bare hands managed to paralyze him. When searched, the letter T key was found in the person’s trouser pocket.

Kapolsek Tambora, Kompol Donny Agung Harvida when confirmed expressed his appreciation for Ipda Suparno’s courage in apprehending the suspected motorbike thief who was armed with a samurai.

“This success is proof that the enthusiasm and dedication of a police officer isn’t limited by age. And Ipda Suparno is a clear example of this,” said Kapolsek Donny.

He said, that Ipda Suparno’s quick, effective and spartan actions must be recognized as having made a major contribution to efforts to maintain security and order in the Tambora area.

“That is extraordinary and deserves appreciation,” he said again. (Bembo)

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